Handcrafted Asian Wedding Videos

Beautiful Life specialise in Asian Wedding Videos and Asian wedding videography with a crisp, cinematic feel. Over the years we’ve filmed and photographed a wide variety of  Indian, Asian and multi-cultural weddings. We’re familiar with all the customs, traditions, ceremonies and values of Indian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Tamil and Chinese weddings. This means we fully understand exactly what to capture and look out for and anticipate key moments before they happen.

As a husband and wife team we offer a blend of Asian wedding videos and photography services, both with the same vibrant and creative style.  We have a very cool team of photographers and Filmmakers who work along side us to create imagery that is a true reflection of your day. Our team can cover both sides of your family on the main wedding day and we can also attend all the cool little pre-wedding ceremonies which take place in the days and weeks before.

Prices for Asian Wedding Videography start from £2000. Please check out our films and we would love to hear from you if you have any further questions.

“Shaun & Joy, your team were unbelievable on the day.”

“Words cannot describe how amazing you guys were. You endured a sweltering hot July day and worked relentlessly for more than 14 hours! The wedding photos are amazing! Although Joy you forgot to photoshop 2 stone off me. LOL. Honestly really pleased with the wedding photos. You guys got a lot of amazing compliments from our guests on the days that proceeded. THANK YOU so much! Arthurvan & Praveena.”

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