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Indian Engagement Ceremony Photos | Rajen and Daksha

Today we have Rajen and Daksha’s Indian engagement Ceremony. I love Indian Wedding photographyIndian engagement ceremonies because they are so varied depending on which part of India people are from.  Although there are lots of similar rituals and traditions each event usually has something that I haven’t photographed before.  At Rajen and Daksha’s engagement the guests were welcomed and the men from both families sat in a line opposite each other and exchanged food and greeted each other, which I haven’t seen done like this before and was great to photograph.  During the ceremony gifts are exchanged between the two families and the boys mum places a red chunni on the girl’s head and gives her gold jewelry.   All the guests then come up and bless the couple, offering them sweets and gifts of money.  The couple then exchange rings in front of everyone, when Rajen and Daksha exchanged rings guests set off confetti canons, it was great.  The ceremony was followed by lunch and then some traditional stick dancing ,  which is a real challenge to capture because its so fast! So here are some of our favourites from their Indian engagement Photos.

Indian Engagement Photos by Joy Foulds – Beautiful Life
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