Kiran and Bela’s wedding was a two day event starting in Bolton at the Reebok Stadium and finishing in London.  Beautiful Life was providing both wedding video and photography and so the weekend was action packed and went at a pace.

Bela got ready at De Vere Whites then made her way to the venue where she waited out of site as it is believed in a Hindu Wedding to be bad luck for the Groom to see the bride before the Ceremony.  When Kiran arrived he was greeted my Bela’s mum who accompanied him into the Man-dap.  in the foyer the Swagatam Ceremony is performed, this is where the groom breaks a clay pot with his foot which symbolises conquering difficulties in marriage.  The foyer was packed with people which made for some interesting angles!  Saying this I think the images from the Swagatam are some of my favourites from the day.

The Grooms party walks in procession to the ceremony location where he is greeted by the Brides mother who applies a small red dot to his forehead to signify her approval of the marriage.

The Groom holds the brides flowers and a coconut.  The coconut represents love and purity.

The Brides parents then escort the Groom to the Mandap

The groom is covered by a white cloth and when Bela arrived she sat opposite him and the priest tied her Sari to his scarf.  The Brides father places her hand in the grooms hand and they are joined with rope which goes around their necks.  The cloth is removed and theres a great moment where they see each other for the first time.This is the fire ceremony, where the couple take rice and leaves which symbolise health, happiness and prosperity and offer them to the fire.  The couple walk around the fire four times.

The Brides mother pinches the grooms chin, this is to say ‘I told you not to come and get her but you came anyway!’

The groom sprinkles red powder onto the brides forehead to welcome her into his life.

Day two in London.  We had an hour first thing in the morning just with the Bride and Groom, the sun was out and we captured some shots in the gardens at Grims Dyke Hotel, Harrow Weald, Middlesex.  Just as I put my camera in the car it started raining, perfect timing!

Let the party begin!  The curry was simmering nicely as the family started to arrive at Kiran’s parents house to welcome Bela into the family.

Congratulations Kiran and Bela and a big thank you to both families for looking after us so well.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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