Thought I’d share a few images from Friday’s portrait session.  Children’s photography sessions are so crazy with so many variables that you never know just how it’s going to go!  You can do as much planning as you like, you can sort the outfit’s, buy lots of treats (bribes), time your session perfectly around everyone’s naps and meal times but when the camera comes out anything can happen!  Before you know it 2 hours have passed and there are props, toys and outfits everywhere, mum’s aching from pulling every funny face in the book in order to get that smile, and you’re all laughing because you know you’ve just cracked one of life’s big challenges and you even enjoyed it!

As you know I love natural light and wherever possible I like to photograph kids outside but the weather on friday morning was horrible so indoors it had to be.  I dislike white paper backdrops with a passion as they are just so dull so I made my own, much more fun.  These two little ladies were just so cute!  Emily with her amazing hair is just six months old and not quite sitting on her own so we had to do all sorts of crazy stuff to get some solo portraits of her, I just love the one of her in the basket.  Her big sister is going through her ‘forced smile’ stage (which personally I love, it’s just so funny but most mum’s hate!) so it’s important to help children feel relaxed and catch them with a natural expression.

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