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I’ve decided to blog Sunita and Ravinder’s engagement photographs in two parts starting with the ceremony and reception at the City Rooms in Leicester.  This is the first of five events building up to their wedding day at the end of June.  Sunita and Ravinder live and work in London but came back to Sunita’s home town for the engagement celebration.  The sun was shining and the city was bustling with people out shopping and enjoying the weekend and as I headed out I was really looking forward to the day.

The past 12 months for us has been a year of  fusion weddings, weddings where two families from different cultures come together and share their wedding customs and traditions.  Sometimes cultures are quite diverse and other times fairly closely related, I know it must be a mammoth task to organise these events with so many people to consult and involve but the result is a totally unique and often very interesting and beautiful wedding to film and photograph.  Sunita’s family are Hindu and Ravinder’s family are Sikh so their engagement ceremony was a combination of the Sagai, the Hindu ring ceremony and the chunni chadana, the Indian engagement ceremony.  The other reason for my excitement was that Sunita shares my love of all things vintage and we had planned a fab portrait shoot in the city after the reception and I always love engagement shoots.  Anyway that is going to be my second post tomorrow so I’ll talk more about that then, for now enjoy the pics.


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