Another Chinese Wedding Photography post. Fung and Long got married in Vegas (how cool!!!) I went down to London a few weeks later to cover their Chinese Wedding celebrations.  It was an early start, London looked amazing in the morning mist.  A quick breakfast of fresh doughnuts (really healthy I know but who can resist?) and it was time to start taking some photographs.  The day started off like all Chinese wedding’s with Long having to “earn” his entry into Fung’s mum’s house by doing various tasks designed to torture and embarrass him and his “brothers”.  Its this part of the day for me that makes Chinese wedding photography so much fun.  Long and the boys were hilarious, you’ve never heard singing quite like this!  Long did claim that the only song he knew was ‘all I want for Christmas’ so first we got a full rendition of this followed by Celine Dion!  Then Long das to pay and he finally gained access to his Bride. Fung looked lovely, her Kwa was embroidered with a dragon and a phoenix and she wore Jewellery and shoes by Vivienne Westwood.

Next was a chinese tea ceremony then we travelled in the Limo through central London to Long’s parents house, some of the narrow streets and tight turns were interesting!  Fung and Long were welcomed by friends and family and there was another chinese tea ceremony followed by lunch.  Megan and I were so well looked after, we ate stew and bread and spring rolls.  After lunch Fung got changed into her lace wedding dress that she had worn in Vegas and her amazing Vivienne Westwood “lady dragon” shoes.  With each dress change Fung also changed her hairstyle and makeup.  Fung’s makeup was by Jojo @daisukimakeup.  The sun was finally out so we took the opportunity for a couple of photographs before crossing London for the reception at the China Boulevard on the river in Wandsworth.  We took a few photographs outside before the guests arrived but didn’t stay out too long because it was really cold, we were glad of the little heat packs Fung had given us in the morning. Here are some of our favourite wedding photos from their big day, enjoy!!

chinese wedding photographyDry rice crispies down in one, yum yum!

Then pass the seaweed no hands, They were so pleased with themselves but do these ladies look impressed?  Time for a forfeit, who’s up for a quick leg wax?

More cheating so a forfeit of one arm press ups, then a bunny hopping forfeit for cheating on the first forfeit!

Yes finally the singing, quite a talent I thought singing the whole of ‘My heart will go on’ on just a couple of notes!

The wedding cake was beautiful the cupcakes were made by a Fung and Long’s friend Dionne and topped with cute little retro toys called ‘unazukin’ dolls which Fung said reminded her of them as a couple.  There was lots more eating and the evening ended for us with the toasting, where the bride and groom and their close family visit each tableland the guests toast their happiness and give gifts of money.

I always like to ask the Bride and groom a few questions about their day and here are their answers;

1) What was your favourite part of the day?   The most memorable moment of the day was probably the tea ceremonies, because we know how important it is to our parents and getting some ‘just us’ time, it felt like Vegas all over again

2) Have you any advice for future Brides and Grooms?  My advice for future brides would be don’t stress over the small details, good things will come to those who wait, and for future grooms… Make sure your wife gets fed on the day!

Congratulations Fung and Long, hope you have a fantastic life together and a big thank you to Megan for some awesome work on this Chinese wedding and also to Steve for driving us around london all day, great job thank you!