Last Sunday we had the pleasure of filming and photographing another Greek Christening in Nottingham this time at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary “Eleousa”.  We have covered a number of Greek Christening’s but recently the baby’s have all been boys so it was lovely to see lots of pink ribbons and cute girly clothes all set out on the table.  Greek Christening’s are beautiful events and always lovely to photograph.  The Christening ceremony starts with a blessing read by the priest and then the baby is undressed, anointed with oil and baptised in the font.  I love the part when the baby is first dipped in the water and everyone waits to see if they will cry!  Sophia was very relaxed and enjoyed the whole thing.  Sophias Christening was a little different than usual as there were just 14 people there including us, some relatives had travelled over from Greece for the occasion and it was really nice because everyone could get around the font and easy for me, I usually have to fight through the crowds to get the shot!  Sophia’s Christening outfit was beautiful and she looked so cute in her pink hat. Anyway, here are some of her christening photos below:

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Here’s a few thoughts about Sophia’s Greek Christening from Charoula (Sophia’s Mum)

1) Please tell us about Sophia’s Greek Christening?
Our little baby was baptised on the 27th of November 2011 in Panagia Eleousa at Nottingham. The ceremony was beautiful and our little baby got blessed and officially named Sophia. in the ceremony there was her grandparents Iosif, Fani, Stratos and Sophia, her auntie Ariadni and her godparents Giannis and Eleana. She had an amazing dress on by “Neonato” and looked like a babrbie doll!

2) What was your favourite part of the ceremony?
My favourite part of the ceremony was when Sophia grabbed her godfather by his glasses!

3) Why did you choose Beautiful Life to Film and Photograph your day?
I found “beautiful Life” while i was searching on google. I looked at some photos and videos of a Greek christening they had covered and I knew that I had to book them. Everything was so beautifully done…..and also the experience in covering Greek ceremonies was a must…

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Greek Christening Photography by Joy Foulds