Some more lovely Greek Christening Photos to share today.  It was nice to return to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary Eleousa in Nottingham to photograph and film baby Leon’s Greek Baptism.  Greek Orthodox Churches are beautiful to photograph in, they are full of ornate detail including stunning paintings and wood carving.  The Baptism ceremony is really interesting, I always love the part where the baby goes in the font, most love it and some even splash away and one little boy I photographed even cried when he had to come out of the water! but some cry through the whole thing and this was the case for poor Leon!  To be fair he was teething and wasn’t feeing too well or I’m sure he would have been fine!  The Greek Christening starts with a blessing from the priest and then the baby is undressed, anointed with oil and baptised.  The baby is then dressed in their Christening outfit which is all laid out beautifully ready for this part of the ceremony.  Leon was not keen on his hat and as quick as mum tied it on he pulled it back off!  Whilst the baby is being dressed the priest cuts a small piece of the baby’s hair and says another blessing.  The ceremonial christening candles are lit and the Godparents walk around the font three times holding the candle whilst the bible is read.  The ceremony was followed by a meal at a lovely Greek restaurant in Nottingham.  I hope you enjoy the images from the ceremony.

Greek Christening Photography

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