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Shaun and I had the pleasure of filming and photographing baby Henry’s Christening in Lincoln. The service was held at Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Church and after the Christening had finished we headed back to Henry’s home for the reception.  Henry was very sweet and really relaxed, he took the whole thing in his stride.  The reception was great, balloon modelling and pea-shooters kept everyone entertained and made for some great photographs although I did get caught in the cross-fire a few times!  There was the odd game of shoot the photographer and lots of hit and run incidents!  (you may find the culprit in the photos bellow!)  The tables were decorated with little pairs of wellies and there was a whole family of rubber ducks floating in the bird bath outside.  My favourite decoration was the balloon frog that had proper bouncy legs, and hopped in the breeze on the dance floor, very cool!  

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