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A gorgeous Autumn day, the sun was shining!  Raj and Shital held their indian wedding ceremony at the new Judgemeadow College in Leicester.  Indian weddings are filled with lots of beautiful colours, emotion and laughter which always creates fantastic opportunities for capturing natural imagery.  Congratulations to Raj and Shital and thank you for making me feel so welcome throughout your day.

On arrival the Groom is escorted to the Mandap

Kanyadaan or entrustinig of the daughter is where consent for the continuation of the wedding is given by the brides parents. They give their daughter to the groom by placing her right hand into the Grooms right hand (Hastamelap) whist saying sacred verses. The curtain separating the Bride and Groom is then lowered and garlands are exchanged.

Ganthibandhan (Tying the knot) is where the priest ties a knot which is a symbol of union between the Bride and Groom as husband and wife. 

Agni Puja (Holy Fire). The priest starts a fire in a Kund. The fire symbolises the illumination of the mind, knowledge and happiness. 

Laja Homa. The Bride and Groom place rice into the sacred fire.

Mangalfera. (Walking around the Fire). Each time they stop they place their toes on a stone in their path which represents overcoming obstacles together.

The bridegroom blesses the bride by placing Sindhur at the parting of hair on her forehead. He places a necklace on here (Mangal Sutra) which represents togetherness, love and sacred union.

Chathurthi Karma is where the bride and Groom feed each other four times representing nourishment for the body and soul. 

Aashirvaad (Blessing). This is where the priest blesses the Bride and Groom as flower petals and rice are thrown.

Viddai (Brides departure) This is a very emotional time. Family and friends say goodbye to the bride as she leaves her parents home and begins a life with her husband and his family. 

Part way through the day we went to the Botanical Gardens in Leicester to shoot some wedding portraits.  With the sun shining and the leaves turning red and gold it was a gorgeous backdrop for photographs.  If you are planning some Bride and Groom portraits as part of your wedding day then having a great location picked out can make all the difference.  Locations can be serene and beautiful or urban and gritty and anything in between.  Be creative and plan this time into your day, we recommend around 30 minutes.  We do offer a practise run in the form of an free engagement shoot which can be really useful to help you relax in front of the camera.

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