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Yesterday I posted Part 1 (VIEW PART ONE) of Sunita and Ravinder’s Indian engagement celebrations.  As promised here is part 2. After the dancing we headed out into the city for some photo’s.  I love engagement sessions, and this one in particular was completely awesome!  Engagement sessions are a great chance to have fun and be creative.  For us wedding photographers its often a chance to experiment a bit, you have more time than on a wedding shoot and with a little bit of planning you can create a set of unique and interesting images with a personal touch.  This shoot was a cross between an engagement session and a wedding shoot as we were limited time wise as the guests were waiting to carry on the party.

Talking to Sunita before the event I discovered she worked in the Film, TV and Theatre Industry making costumes, props etc.  Sunita specialises in Prosthetics, Make-up and Animatronics, working on the skins of humans, animals and creatures to make them look real.  She has worked on films such as Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the soon to be released Xmen and Theatre productions such as The Lion King!  What an awesome job!!  Like me she has a background in textiles and art and also shares my love of all things vintage in planning for the wedding she had been overdosing on old classic hindi films and music videos on you tube for inspiration.  Sunita particularly likes the actress Mumtaz and the video she is in called Bindiya Chamkegi, Sunita said it reminded her of the films her Mum used to watch and she loved the look of the 60’s and 70’s Indian clothes.  Sunita found her sari whist shopping in London with her Mum, it was new but had the vintage feel she was after, her jewellery also had an old fashion look almost Mogul.  When it came to hair do’s Sunita went big!  She said when she showed Zainab her hairstylist the images she’d collated  she was really excited because she loves doing bee hives!  Zainab was also coincidently, distantly related to Mumtaz!  Anyways a big thank you to Dollymix Vintage for letting us loose in their shop with the cameras!  and another big thank you to Sunita and Ravinder for being so much fun and sharing your day with us.  I did get a little giddy, what can I say – I love my job!

Just love this image, that mannequin is so nosey!  

Ravinder looks like he belongsTe he!  got to love those silly moments!

Oh such a lovely couple and so full of love for each other, congratulations!

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