We love Asian Weddings and here is the first of a number of films from Jarnail & Urvinder’s Sikh Punjabi wedding earlier this year. I loved working with these guys as they made the most of every moment and ensured everyone had a fantastic time. Before a Sikh Punjabi Wedding can get underway the Maiyan Ceremony has to take place at the family home. Over the years I have filmed lots of Maiyan and Vatna Ceremonies and they have to be one of my favourite pre wedding events. The closeness of the families, the love and emotion that flows between everyone is what makes Maiyan ceremonies so beautiful to film. And this day was no exception!! It was a gorgeous day with stunning light and everyone really enjoyed themselves as they began the ceremony. It was a great start to their Sikh Punjabi Wedding and here is a little highlights video of their day squeezed into a few minutes. Enjoy!!

Jarnail’s Sikh Punjabi Wedding video – View on Youtube


A few thoughts from Jarnail

Q1) How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a happy go lucky chappy, full of confidence who enjoys living life to the max. I enjoy going out with friends and socializing at pubs/bars restaurants. I am very proud of being a british sikh, and enjoy learning more about my religion and culture. I would say that I am most attached to my family. Very sporty person, enjoy playing football, cricket, tennis and a big manchester united fan.

Q2) What is a Maiyan Ceremony?
I would say that the maiyan ceremony is a cruel chance when the family get to cover me in smelly gooey paste!! But ive been told its a ceremony which prepares the birde and groom for the wedding day. I found the ceremony surprisingly relaxing. Everyone was joking about with me, singing along in the background and I got to have a little moment with everyone turn by turn as they took turns to get me!!

Q3) What was your favourite part of the day?
Think the favourite part was the actual vatna. I had all generations of my family cracking a joke and giggle with me, from grandma, mom and aunts, sisters and nieces and was nice to share a brief moment with all of them. This will be the memory that I will cherish most.

Q4) How did this prepare you for your wedding day?
I remember looking around, and seeing genuine happy faces on the guests which in turn bought a big smile on my face and remained for the rest of the day. I never looked back and tried to make the most of every moment there after. Everyone still comments on how much fun they had and more importantly I really enjoyed the day.

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