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Chinese Wedding Photography at The Old Hall in Ely, Cambridge

Weddings at the Old Hall in Ely, Cambridge

Its been a couple of weeks since we did Rita and Long’s Chinese Wedding Photography at the Old Hall in Cambridgeshire.  The day started at Rita’s parents house where all the girls got ready and then prepared the Chinese wedding door games ready for the boys arrival.  It’s tradition at a Chinese wedding for the Groom to complete tricky tasks set by the girls in order to prove himself worthy of marrying his Bride.  The boys had to brush their teeth with wasabi paste, catch falling bread without using their hands, eat jelly out of stockings, dance and pick out ping pong balls from iced water with their feet.  Door games are so funny, they always make brilliant photographs.  Long eventually passed all his tests and went inside to collect Rita.  The games were followed by a tea ceremony, traditionally in chinese culture, once the tea ceremony is complete the couple are officially married.  We then went to Long’s parents house for a final tea ceremony and a delicious lunch.  We were hoping that whilst we ate lunch the rain would stop as Rita had planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Old Hall in Ely but sadly the rain just got worse and worse and the decision was made to hold the ceremony inside.  That good old british weather, to add to the rain the wind started to blow a gale but despite this Rita was determined to have some photographs outside so we just went for it, at first we used umbrellas and tried to keep dry but eventually we just embraced the rain, it was crazy!  Luckily at Chinese weddings the Bride makes several dress changes so rita had another outfit standing by, I just rocked the drowned rat look for the rest of the day!  Everyone enjoyed a Chinese Banquet followed by bingo and dancing. We had a great time and here are a few of our favourite wedding photos from their big day.

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