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Today we have some Sikh wedding Photography to share with you all. We love Sikh weddings and kiran and Mandeeps was no exception and their day took place at the Medway Towns Gurdwara Sabha in Rochester..  It was a very busy day for us as we covered the filming and photography for both families.  Shaun and Megan started at 5.30am in Leicester with Mandeep and his family as they prepared for the ceremony.  I got a bit of a lie in and joined Kiran as she got ready at home in Rochester.  I love photographing the beginning of the day, everything’s calm and quiet and then the noise and excitement gradually build as family arrive and everyone starts to get ready.  Before you know it the morning’s gone and its off to the gudwara for the wedding ceremony.  Kiran and Mandeep had their reception at Cobham Hall.  We had a great portrait session in the grounds whilst all the guests got stuck into the Champagne and chocolate fountain, by the time we joined them most of the kids looked like they’d had a chocolate bath!

Kiran and Mandeep cut their cake and everyone had a great time dancing.  We went back to Kiran’s parents house for the doli ceremony, where the groom has to barter with the brides sisters in order to enter the house and collect his bride.  Kiran’s sisters drove a hard bargain, it took Mandeep quite a while to get in!  The house looked amazing all lit up.  It was a great day, we really enjoyed it so here’s some of our favourite photos from their Sikh Wedding Photography.

A few thoughts from Kiran and Mandeep and their Sikh Wedding Day

1) What were your most memorable moments?

Brides answer:
My dress. Sorry Mandeep. In all honesty the most memorable moment was when Mandeep finally arrived at the wedding reception beard removed  and a head of hair, looking more like himself,  it was a sudden realization that he was now my husband and I his wife and today was the day when everything starts.

Grooms answer:
all in all I really enjoyed the whole day. However, the one that really comes to mind, looking back, was the feeling(good) I got in my stomach the moment Kiran was seated beside me at the Gurdwara. The moment I looked at her, nerves were out the window as it reminded me of how happy and excited I was to start my life with Kiran.

2) What do you love about being married?

Brides Answer:
Waking up to mandeep each morning

Grooms Answer
Kirans cooking! on a serious note, being able to do all the small things that we weren’t able to do previously due to us living so far apart. for example, eating dinner together every night, cuddling up to eachother watching t.v etc.

3) What advice can you give for others getting married?

Brides Answer
Enjoy the day, it goes more quickly then you can ever imagine! But most of all enjoy be happy and have fun.

Grooms Answer
It really is true when people tell you the day will pass before you know it, but really enjoy it as it will be the best wedding you will have ever been too!

4) Tell us about your favourite wedding Suppliers

Dharminder from Dream days, – he is a fantastic wedding planner and everything we planned from a year ago was exactly what I got- he didnt let us down but exceeded my expectations. Lovely person and even better wedding planner.

5) Why did you choose Beautiful Life to photograph your day?

Joy was absolutely wonderful on the day, she was bubbly and joyful (sorry no pun intended) she kept my nerves at bay in the morning and showed me shots she had taken throughout the day. We initially choose beautiful life because of the quality and creativeness of their pictures. We then met the husband and wife team, who put us at ease instantly, Mandeep and I prefer to keep things more natural and are not really the posing type and we saw that beautiful life had an excellent creative style that would work with what we wanted.

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